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Her Story...

It was this time last year when my life took an unexpected turn of events. Upon returning to work after my annual vacation, my supervisor shared that she had accepted a new job and was leaving the company in two weeks’ time, just weeks ahead of our annual tradeshow.

Her departure sparked a desire for me to make a change of my own and work closer to home (I was working in Northern Virginia, 70 miles from home). I said a quick prayer that I find a job closer to Baltimore. I received a call not long after from Kasey Couch, then a recruiter for Alderson Loop, inquiring if I’d be interested in interviewing for a long-term contractual position at a well-known company in Baltimore.

Knowing I desired to make a change and wanting as much opportunity to dust off my interview skills, I went on the interview and nailed it. Within days I had a job offer for a 3-month contract with the opportunity for extension. After much consideration, I declined because I wasn’t ready mentally to transition from my comfortable full-time, permanent job to a contractual position, and the three-month time frame wasn’t appealing when contemplating what I’d be leaving.

About a month later, Kasey called again with the offer of an extended contract — 6-month to two years — with the opportunity for conversion. I was delighted, and desperately wanted to work closer to home and negotiated with both Kasey and Alderson Loop’s Founder, Lauren Asghari. Both women were attentive to my questions and concerns and extremely helpful. We discussed the pros and cons of contract work and my intense desire to be closer to home, but it was right around election time and the uncertainty of the economy weighed heavily on my decision to decline the position…again. Kasey accepted the news with both grace and poise and she wished me well.

I second-guessed myself many times over the next few weeks and when Kasey called a third time on December 27, I instantly thought of a story I’d heard recently about a man in the middle of the ocean that prays to be saved. A large piece of driftwood passes by, a boat comes and a raft and the man doesn’t grab on to any of them. The man finally cries out to God asking why he won’t save him and God replies, “I sent you driftwood, a boat and a raft and you didn’t grab on to any of them.”

If Alderson Loop offered it, I’d take the “save” this time.

I answered the phone and had a quick call with Kasey where she shared that the company called her directly and asked if I was available. To say that I was flattered is an understatement. We discussed the offer and hung up with the promise that I would call her back the next day with my decision. After a short talk with my husband, I decided to accept.

Full of trepidation and excitement, I started six weeks later and within just a few months my initial contract was extended and before my first six months transpired, I was asked to convert to a full-time employee.

It doesn’t always end like this for contractual positions, but I’m so glad I trusted the team at Alderson Loop to assist me in finding a lucrative opportunity that lead to a full-time permanent position at a reputable organization. Their experience and knowledge are first-class and I can truly say I could not have done it without them; I am so grateful for their persistence and personal attention. I have referred both friends and family members to Kasey and the Alderson Loop team, which says a lot!