Data Fulfillment Analyst (Baltimore, MD)

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Alderson Loop is searching for a Data Fulfillment Analyst. This person would enter data into the inventory system and process requests with vendors. Looking for someone with experience managing vendors. Candidates with experience in business, finance, supply chain management, contracts, purchasing, economics, quantitative methods or organization and management would be a fit for this role.


  • MDS Requests Mailbox (75%):
    • Acknowledge request
    • Ascertain type of request & determine if more information is needed
    • Obtain cost approval
    • Review vendor service in FITS & determine if we can transfer a license
    • Email vendor(s) to set up accounts for service requests
    • Send confirmation email that request has been completed
    • Update FITS with user & billing information
    • Ensure billing is setup correctly w/vendor
  • New Service Requests (11%):
    • Research vendor & provide detailed information
    • Contact existing vendor & secure pricing for new service(s)
    • Setup Free Trials
    • Assist with processing custom benchmark requests
    • Assist with receiving contracts & submitting to legal for review
    • Creating new platforms/accounts in FITS system to include pricing record
  • Exchanges Requests (8%):
    • Bloomberg Portal (Real Time Exchanges)
    • Email Vendor Directly for Access
    • Serve as back-up for monthly exchange reporting
    • Serve as back-up for EMRS reporting system
  • Misc. Projects (6%):
    • Metrics Reporting
    • Creating reports in FITS inventory system
    • Serve as back-up for creating surveys in FITS
    • Management Directed

Please send resume to