Desktop Support Analyst I (Baltimore, MD)

The Desktop Support Analyst devises and executes the solutions for workstation hardware and software issues or for segments of more complex software problems.

Typical duties include:

  • Maintaining an inventory of installed software, managing software licensing, and creating policies and procedures for upgrades.

  • Working with hardware and software vendors to verify timely product delivery and ensuring that new equipment is installed and ready to operate on schedule.

  • Analyzing and making recommendations for hardware and software standardization.

  • Creating user accounts and managing access control based on company policies.


  • Must be customer service-oriented and proactive in anticipating and resolving problems while maximizing efficient use of computing resources.

  • A bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field and one - three years of experience installing and supporting PC and laptop hardware and software are standard requirements, although some employers are willing to substitute work experience for formal education.

  • Additional requirements may include professional certifications from entities such as HDI (Desktop Support Technician or Support Center Analyst), CompTIA or Microsoft (Microsoft Certified Professional or Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator). 

Please send resume to (Subject line: Desktop Support Analyst I)