Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?

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There has always been some misconceptions and interpretations when talking about different types of technology. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), most people also think of Machine Learning (ML). But do you actually know the difference between the two? Or that there even is a difference?

This article aims to help break down these concepts for easier understanding. It covers AI and ML as a bigger picture, which you can see in the image shown.

AI is basically a concept described as the intelligence that is shown by machines, in comparison to the intelligence that is shown by a human. It’s how the computer learns or thinks. AI is broken into mainly two categories: general and narrow. General is like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in “The Terminator," which is essentially a machine that can work or do exactly as a human can, maybe even more. To make sense of this, if you have seen the “Star Wars” movies, it would be C3PO. In the movie “Her”, it would be the operating system. Narrow, however, would be just one specific task the machine can do, such as how Amazon gives recommendations or Shazam recognizing what song is playing.

When people think of AI, they usually think of the general version. In reality, that is not the case. The type of AI we have and use today, typically, is narrow.

Most of the products or services branded as AI today, rely on one or more Machine Learning approaches. This would be the implementation of the concept and what gives the computers or machines the ability to learn and think for themselves. Now if you want to continue going further into the concept, you will get into Deep Learning, which is a certain approach to ML, but we will stick with just AI and ML for now.

Unlike coding or programming, which is where someone manually puts in commands to tell the computer to do this, then this, etc., ML gives the computers a way to think about how to learn on their own. When you put information into the computer, the model gets trained and retrained each time it has an interaction, which is how it learns.

Think about a pizza.

What is the texture? What is the shape? What does it smell like? What is on it?

When you see one, your brain knows that it’s a pizza, knows what’s on it or made of and knows that it is edible. The computer, on the other hand, has to individually go through processes and questions like these to reach this conclusion, which is actually the machine learning.

AI is the concept. ML is this concept being put into action. Whether you are in the technology industry or the food industry, AI and ML are becoming more and more prominent in today’s society; hopefully this helps you have a better a grasp on what the technology is that you may be using.